Lazarbeam, Loserfruit and Other Streamers Raise 300k AUD To Fight Fires In Australia

Streaming To Help Australian Firefighters

What’s happening with the wildfires in Australia right now is devastating, with millions of animals killed, thousands of acres of land damaged, and people forced to flee for safety. But many are doing their part to help firefighters in their time of need, including several streamers. A select few just raised a massive amount of money to help the cause.

Loserfruit, Lazarbeam, MuselK, and other streamers recently hosted a live event to raise money. And based on the clip below, they managed to reach over AUD 300,000. The clip is linked below.


It’s a monumental moment, with the stream team not holding back on their emotions after reaching the amount.

The team has been updating over the day as the money amount increased. One crucial update even shows Loserfruit delivering a full-on kiss to one of his co-hosts as a result. You can see that moment below.

It’s a great moment, and keep in mind these are just some of the streamers supporting the cause. Others have posted messages of support, urging their followers to help. Pokimane, for example, offered to follow back a few people for their donations.

Congrats to the team on raising such an incredible amount of money. Want to help them out? Check out this article for more information.