Streaming Won’t Replace Traditional Consoles, Says Phil Spencer

Microsoft Claims New Xbox Game Studios Will Retain Creative Freedom, Won't Force Platforms

In a recent interview during the X018, Xbox head Phil Spencer has shared his thought about the possibility that streaming could be replacing traditional consoles.

According to Spencer, there’s no chance that this could happen anytime soon, as “for year and years the best way to play a game will be to download the game and play it.”

“I think streaming is something that is further out in terms of it becoming a really mass marked where everybody`s doing it, and even way further out before it`s the best way to play that game, if it ever is,” he said.

Before adding that “it’s about giving you a choice as a player, not about replacing what you do today,” so Microsoft will introduce new ways of buying and playing games, never removing one of those available now.

Streaming Won't Replace Traditional Consoles, Says Phil Spencer

“There are certain scenarios where a stream game is the best answer. On a console the best scenario for you is to download that game and play. If you are on a PC that’s capable of download and play that game, download and play that game.

Not all devices are capable of playing the most demanding games that we see here on the show, so streaming is an option in those scenario, and there are some scenarios of like instant start and trials where maybe streaming on a device might be interesting.”

Microsoft is rumored to be working on a streaming box to accompany a regular console with the next generation Xbox Scarlett.

You can watch the full interview below.