BossLogic Creates Fantastic Street Fighter 6 Art, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Capcom has been quite busy updating Street Fighter V with a plethora of new fighters and modes, in the hopes of turning around its flawed launch from 2019. And it made some progress, though some people — like artist BossLogic — are already wondering about a sequel.

The popular artist, who’s offered several works based on video games in the past, recently stirred up the Internet with a fascinating take on what Street Fighter could deliver on the PlayStation 5. It features the system logo, along with the number “6” highlighted in flames, tied in with one of Ryu’s gloves. It’s fantastic art, and you can see it below, along with “#SF6 soon!”

Just keep in mind that this isn’t an official confirmation. Shortly after BossLogic posted the art, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono expressed praise for it — but asked for more time on the sequel.

In his tweet, Ono noted, “Wow! I feel honored that you chose @StreetFighter for your illustration gemstone!” But then he added, “However, this is too early, isn’t it? Could you please wait for 10 years…?”

So, no, Street Fighter 6 is not in the pipeline, as SFV continues to be Ono’s focus. At least, for now. Besides, we could all use a new Darkstalkers first. How long have we been waiting for that one?

In the meantime, BossLogic did a fantastic job with the art — and leave us wondering what a fiery Ryu would do to an opponent like Akuma.

Street Fighter V is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC.