Street Fighter EVO Announcement Was Delayed Last Minute


You might recall that Capcom had teased an announcement for last weekend’s EVO 2019, which someone even thought might be for Street Fighter 6. However, due for undisclosed reasons, the announcement received a last-minute delay.

The news comes directly from EVO, where an open letter of series producer Yoshinori Ono was displayed. In the letter, Ono acknowledges that for some reason the Japanese studio had to postpone the reveal, even though he pointed out it’s still about Street Fighter V.

“Dear EVO, Joey, and Street Fighter fans around the world,” reads the letter. “We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to a big announcement this year. We wanted to put together something else for you guys, but it didn’t quite work out. Trust me; we feel your disappointment.”

Interestingly, Capcom already stressed the new date for the reveal, which is slated for the Capcom Cup in November.

“But please look forward to a new Street Fighter V announcement in November and December,” Ono added. “We will make sure Blanka has a gift in his pocket at this year’s Capcom Cup at the Novo in Los Angeles.”

Sure enough, it’s weird that you post a teaser a few days before a reveal and then get to delay it because considering the short timeframe you should have had a good knowledge of what you had in your hands when you promised the announce.

However, this further adds on the hype of people thinking this might be a Street Fighter 6 announcement if you consider that it’ll be even deeper over the year and at Capcom Cup, which looks like an excellent venue for such big news.