Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Announced, Gill Joining the Roster Next Month

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Street Fighter V is set to evolve yet again — and this time, with a Street Fighter III legend in tow.

Capcom announced this evening that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is set to arrive on PlayStation 4 and PC on Feb. 14, 2020. It’s priced to sell at $29.99, although the owners of the current Arcade Edition can upgrade for just $24.99.

The game will feature an abundant amount of content to justify that price. This includes the return of Gill from the Street Fighter III series, armed to the teeth with some devastating, god-like attacks. You can see these in action in the trailer below.

He’ll make his debut in the game sometime in December, with a second yet-unannounced character to arrive closer to Champion Edition’s release.

As far as what else the game will include, the rundown includes all characters previously released in the series, along with over 200 costumes and 34 stages, including some nostalgic favorites from the Street Fighter era.

There will also be new features, including the introduction of a V-Skill 2 for each character, along with a balance update.

The PlayStation 4 and PC versions will also support cross-play, with players put into the same pool, “continuing to unite fans into a unified player base.”

The trailer below provides a glimpse of what’s to come with this new update. Though we don’t have a clue who the new character is yet, Gill looks to provide a great deal of variety. Plus, his bonus skins, including one based on Pyron, are pretty rad.

Check out the trailer and prepare for a (good) fight on Valentine’s Day!