Subnautica developers give first look at upcoming Below Zero expansion


Subnautica developers Unknown Worlds have released the first peek at the exploration game’s upcoming, stand-alone expansion: Below Zero.

Below Zero takes place after the events of the original game, and builds on Subnautica’s existing experience, especially its focus on exploration and survival. As its name implies, Below Zero takes place on a frigid region of Subnautica’s Planet 4546B.

Art via Unknown Worlds

Subnautica offers a unique, often terrifying, underwater-based survival experience unlike any other. With massive biomes to explore, creatures to encounter, and threats to be faced, it can feel like an unending game. Below Zero will certainly take this immersive experience to the next level, exploring new mechanics such as “thermal management” and other aspects drawn from the intense cold of the new region.

Art via Unknown Worlds

At this time, Unknown Worlds have not confirmed any features or concrete details about the upcoming expansion, but you can follow its development on their public Trello board. The developers plan to have an Early Access build available in the coming months, regularly adding content and polish, as with the successful Early Access development of Subnautica.