Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad Multiplayer Game Details Leaked, Releasing In 2020


According to a leaked marketing plan, Warner Bros. is announcing a new multiplayer game on June 4, 2019, and releasing it in early 2020.

While the plan is coming from 4chan, it still makes sense since it has very similar form and content to one which was leaked back in the Mortal Kombat 11 announcement’s days.

The document claims that the title will be revealed with a CG trailer, worked on by Blur Studio, with Ra’s al Ghul featured as one of the villains part of the pre-order timed-exclusive raid mission.

The trailer in question is said to be featuring Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” as the main theme, so it’s pretty specific now, and a short introduction video should allow us to learn more about the first location, Gotham.

suicide-squad-game-marketing-material-image-1 suicide-squad-game-marketing-material-image-2

At this stage, we’re not told what the game is, but a ResetEra user has been in touch with Kotaku’s Jason Schreier and learned more about that.

The user has asked Schreier if the title was based on Suicide Squad, and he replied that he wouldn’t want to spoil it ahead of the reveal.

So, based on all this stuff which is long to be confirmed, there’s a chance that a new Suicide Squad multiplayer game could be revealed on June 4 and released in early 2020.

Remember this is just a rumor, so we’ll need a bit more time to have confirmations or debunks of sorts.