Sunset Overdrive Pops Up On Steam Database

Since its release in 2014, Sunset Overdrive has been rumored to be coming on the PC platform in some manner.

The game’s one of the very last to be a complete Xbox One exclusive titles, but it apparently won’t be for much longer.

As reported by DSOGaming, indeed, the title’s been for around seven months on Steam Database.

The entry was edited for some reason a few hours ago, which means we could be about to see an announcement anytime soon.

Remember that Microsoft’s only being the publisher of the game and that the IP owner is Insomniac Games.

This means it would be the development team itself to work on the PC version or find a developer and fund the port, unless they reach an agreement with another publisher or Microsoft itself for it.

In the second case, anyway, it looks unlikely that Microsoft could be doing anything outside of the Microsoft Store.

At any rate, we’ll update you in case a much anticipated reveal for a SO PC release reach these shores.

Sunset Overdrive Pops Up On Steam Database