Super Mario 64 mod introduces battle royale map


Super Mario 64 may just be the next game to get a battle royale mode, sort of. Modder Kaze Emanuar unveiled an enormous map on Monday that was originally created for a potential battle royale mod for the 1996 Nintendo 64 classic.

The map, called Open World Mario 64, combines every single Super Mario 64 level together from the game’s ROM, letting players jump from one stage to another in the game seamlessly using cannons. Players jump into the map by “spinning” from the sky, not unlike ejecting from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ plane and Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Battle Bus.

In the map’s current version, players collect coins to activate a Wing Cap. And while the map isn’t a perfect one-to-one replica of Super Mario 64 in its entirety, it does a pretty good job of combining the entire game together to let players explore the world in a potential battle royale setting.

For now, the map is simply “an engine demo,” which means there’s no battle royale mode coming to Super Mario 64 quite yet. That said, it’s totally possible that Super Mario modders could create their own mode, as Net64 lets players hang out and play together within the N64 ROM. Meanwhile, Kaze is interested in creating a hack using the map that’s similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In the meantime, Radical Heights and LawBreakers studio Boss Key Productions is officially gone after co-founder Cliff Bleszinski announced the studio is “effectively no more” on Twitter. Radical Heights, which served as the company’s foray into the battle royale genre, reportedly had a low player count even on its first day.