New items available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Super Mario crossover event


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Mario-themed event has been ongoing since March 10—MAR10 day.

Players are tasked with collecting mushrooms that unlock Super Mario Bros. furniture and clothing. The second phase of the item has begun, with the third stage beginning on March 31. The event runs until April 10. With the second phase of the Pocket Camp event, Nintendo introduced a new currency for unlocking items. In addition to red mushrooms, players can earn 1-Up mushrooms for completing animal requests.

1-Up mushrooms can be used to unlock special items, many of which are Luigi-themed.

  • Super Star—120 Leaf Tickets
  • Lil bro’s hat—20 1-Up mushrooms, 100 bells
  • Lil bro’s tee—20 1-Up mushrooms, 100 bells
  • ? block—80 1-Up mushrooms, 100 bells
  • Floating block—80 1-Up mushrooms, 300 bells
  • Fire flower—100 1-Up mushrooms, 300 bells
  • 1-Up mushroom—100 1-Up mushrooms, 300 bells

Players can still unlock the original items with red mushrooms that were unlocked at the event’s start. New Timed Goals are also available, many of which give out 1-Up mushrooms.