The Super Mario Encyclopedia is coming westward this October


Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia was previously a Japan-only luxury that Western Mario fans have been lusting over for a long time. The 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. spawned a lot of cool stuff, and while this one was’t one English-speaking fans could get their hands on for a while, that’s finally going to change.

Dark Horse Publishing is taking the reins on the release, and has announced that the complete guide to the Mario games will be hitting the U.S. on Oct. 23 for $40. That’s a small price to pay to have a wealth of knowledge about Mario games in one place. 

The book is chock-full of information on the Mario series at the time it was published. That would comprise 17 games, likely not including Super Mario Odyssey.

It features 256 pages of Mario goodness, as well as interviews with developers, artwork, character information, and other varied goodies that Mario fans will definitely want to have a copy of. It focuses on the “main” Mario titles in the long-running series, so if you were ever curious about the lore behind some of your favorites, you’ll definitely want to have a peek inside the book. 

It’s up for preorder right now via Amazon, so if you need a heaping helping of Mario lore around the time Halloween rolls around, you can go ahead and snap it up right now.