Super Mario Maker 2 Buried Stones Level Guide


In Super Mario Maker 2, Buried Stones is a job that you can do for Yellow Toad. It is down as One Star Difficulty, but it can actually be a little tricky, so don’t worry if you got stuck on it. To finish this level, you need to find a unique block that you can have Yoshi eat, as it will allow you to get over a high jump at the end. If you need to know how to wake up the Yellow Toad, we also have a handy guide on how to it.

Buried Stones Super Mario Maker 2

Buried Stones

The block you are looking for is close to where you spawn into the start of the course. You can see which one you need is marked in the picture above by the red circle. Now, to get the block, you need to make your way through the level to where a green tube is dropping Yoshi Eggs. There are some traps and bad guys, but nothing too tough on this level. You do need to keep an eye out for falling blocks.

Grab a Yoshi, then come back and eat the block. Make your way back down through the level and drop the block on the musical jump pads. The block will bounce, and you can jump off the block to get over the jump. The end of the course is right there, so grab the block through the wall with Yoshi to bring it with you to the finish line.

And that’s it. It is a little tricky because that block you need can be quite hard to spot, but now you know how to finish the Buried Stones course. We have all kinds of guides that should help you out with Super Mario Maker 2. Maybe you want to know how to turn off comments while playing courses made by other players? We also have a guide that will guide you through what you need to know to play local co-op. We even have a list of the best player made courses to try on day one.