Super Mario Maker 2 Has An Improved UX Design To Make Course Creation Easier | E3 2019


The Nintendo Treehouse stream from E3 2019 has revealed some nice changes that have been made to the UX design of the Super Mario Maker 2’s course creator. You can now easily zoom in and out, access different object wheels, and easily switch out enemies and objects compared to the original game. This will be welcome news for the many people out there who like to spend their time creating courses in the game.

There are also context specific menus that you can access just by clicking on one of the design elements that you are using. You can also pin objects that you plan on using a lot, such as materials or textures. All these things are designed to help people who want to create courses to get through the process faster.

Faster design and building means more courses, which is an obvious benefit to Nintendo as more courses mean more content for people to play. So far, everything we have seen about Super Mario Maker 2 seems to imply that it is shaping up to a nicely designed sequel, that brings meaningful improvements to essential aspects of the game. While some elements have been lost, such as the ability to use costumes, there will be four main characters that we can play as, which adds a new type of variety to the game.

We are not far off from being able to play the game either, as it will release for the Nintendo Switch on June 28th, which is just a little over two weeks away.