Super Mario Maker 2’s Online Multiplayer is currently not working as intended


Super Mario Maker 2 has just launched worldwide on Nintendo Switch to great fanfare as gamers from around the globe finally got the chance to create their custom Mario levels for others to play on online.

Unfortunately, however, for those looking to take advantage of the new online multiplayer functionality and rank up in competitive matches, you might want to hold off from going into matches.

The mode, a first for the Mario Maker series, pits four players against each other to try and complete one of the many online levels as fast as possible. Beating players to the end of the course first grants you points towards your overall rank while losing drops points. Everyone starts at Rank D but can work their way up to higher ranks the better they perform.

Currently, however, matches are incredibly laggy and slow and are near enough unplayable. You can find matches quite easily, but once you get into them, a massive slowdown will occur and make the game frustrating.

This should come as no surprise to those who have ever played some of Nintendo’s flagship titles online. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s online suffers from the same issues even to this day, and it seems to be an issue with Nintendo’s online service as a whole.

As such, there is no telling when, if ever, this lag and slowdown will fix itself so our advice to avid creators and players out there would be to go back to creating levels for the time being unless you weirdly like the slow, clunky, online support the game has at launch.