Super Mario Maker 2 Making Changes To Make Players Play With Friends Online | E3 2019


Nintendo has announced they are making changes to Super Mario Maker 2 in order to allow players to play with friends online.

During Mario Maker 2 Direct, Nintendo reveals that the game will have online features. You along with three other players will be able to play together on the same match. You can either compete against each other or work together to finish the match.

While that is a cool feature, there’s a downside to it. You could only play against random players online; you can’t pick your friends to play a match together. Nintendo received major backlash towards this decision, with many fans taking it as further proof that Nintendo simply does not understand how online works. This isn’t the first time that Nintendo has made a decision like this, and gamers were probably hoping that Nintendo would learn by now.

Apparently, the outrage was loud enough that Nintendo finally listened. During Nintendo’s Treehouse Event at E3, Nintendo is quoted as saying that they are “making some changes to matching with friends.” Admittedly this a good thing, though honestly, Nintendo should have had playing with friends online since the beginning. It is so odd that Nintendo continues to be very dense when it comes to things that concerns with the online feature.

Super Mario Maker 2 is expected to release on June 28.