Super Mario Maker 2 Update Ver. 2 Turns Mario into Link with the Master Sword

Super Mario Maker 2 Update Ver. 2 Turns Mario Into Link With the Master Sword

Nintendo has announced a new update for Super Mario Maker 2, releasing on Dec. 5, it will turn Mario into The Legend of Zelda‘s Link with a new tool, Master Sword.

Update Ver. 2 will feature several new course parts, like Spike and Pokey, that will make the stages even more challenging but will also turn into useful tools with the right mindset. The new Frozen Coin will allow you to place ice blocks with coins inside of them that can only be achieved with fire, too.

P Blocks will also be introduced with this new content update for Super Mario Maker 2. You’ll active those blocks with a P Switch, and that will make them unbreakable for a limited amount of time. Dash Blocks will make you dash, but only in the Super Mario 3D World game style.

The most significant new piece of content is The Legend of Zelda‘s Master Sword, though. This tool will instantly transform your Mario character into Link, unlocking several abilities for your gameplay.

Players will be able to use a bow to grab distant coins, for example, the iconic shield, and the sword itself will be a powerful weapon you can also apply for dash attacks. The Legend of Zelda music will be featured when coming across this content.

Finally, a new mode is coming to Super Mario Maker 2, Ninji Speedruns. In this mode, you’ll race against other players’ Ninji ghosts to beat their best time on the select course, which will be added from time to time. Play this mode, and you’ll unlock several rewards like stamps. Ninji Speedruns will require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, anyway.

Update Ver. 2 isn’t the first update to be released for Super Mario Maker 2. A previous patch has implemented co-op and versus multiplayer, for example, and this only remarks how Nintendo is turning the game into a service platform for Nintendo Switch users.