New Super Mario Odyssey update adds Luigi’s Balloon World


Super Mario Odyssey just got a meaty update in the form of Version 1.2.0, and there’s a lot of fun new content to explore with it. Most importantly, Luigi is being given a more prominent role in the game in the form of a minigame star, after he was originally snubbed to let Mario take center stage. Talk about a selfish brother, right?

The Luigi’s Balloon World feature that was shown off during last month’s Nintendo Direct is finally available, and it finds you hiding or finding various multicolored balloons in 30 seconds. If you complete your goal, you’ll get a selection of coins for your hard work. The minigame will be available after you complete the game, so you’ve got a fun surprise waiting for you after you finish up your important business with Cappy.  

Luigi’s minigame isn’t the only addition the update brought. There’s also a selection of new costumes you’ll be able to buy after finishing the game as well, and a bunch of new filters added to Snapshot Mode. In an interesting move, likely to combat the cheaters who have broken the Jump-Rope Challenge scoreboard, the speed of the jump rope will change after 110 jumps, and the challenge itself has been adjust so rankings for all players have been reset in terms of World Rankings and Friend Rankings. Best records won’t be reset, though. 

These are some much-needed updates to the game, and the extra free content is a boon as well. If you haven’t played Super Mario Odyssey in a bit, you might consider going back to it to check it out.