Super Mario RPG’s Original Director Not Returning For The Remake

Chihiro Fujioka, Super Mari RPG’s original director, has expressed how excited he is about the remake even though he won’t be directing it.


Screenshot via Nintendo’s YouTube channel

Super Mario RPG’s original director, Chihiro Fujioka, has confirmed that he’s not returning to work on the remake Nintendo revealed during June 2023’s Nintendo Direct. However, in responses to fan questions, he seems to be just as excited about the game as Switch fans are.

The Super Mario RPG remake that Nintendo recently showcased embodies a big shift away from the visual style of the original, and moves into a more cutesy art style. Regardless of the changes, the original’s director is happy the remake is being made, and has even told fans that he’d like the last game he ever works on to be a Mario RPG title.

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Super Mario RPG’s Original Director is as Thrilled With the Remake as Fans Are

As reported by VGC, Super Mario RPG’s original director Chihiro Fujioka has confirmed that he’s not involved with the remake. However, he’s expressed a lot of excitement online about the game, which launches on November 17, 2023. In fact, Fujioka seems to be just as excited as fans are about this remake.

Users on Reddit have nothing but joy to express over any news about the remake. They’re not overly concerned about whether Fujioka is involved or not, they just want to play the game. One fan commented on a news thread saying, “My son watched the trailer on my phone like 10 times, then when my wife got home he watched it like 30 more times on her phone. I love Mario RPG, very excited to play this with him.”

The appeal of Super Mario RPG has changed from the original to the remake. Older fans that played the original remember it fondly for what it was, but those who didn’t are excited about the remake because it updates the game for modern audiences. It makes the game more accessible without ruining the essence of what makes it so special within such an established name.

Despite Fujioka’s lack of involvement in the remake, he has expressed that he’d like to make a sequel at some point. It’s impossible to say if that could ever happen, even if the remake sells incredibly well, but it’s safe to say that fans would clearly welcome any addition to this beloved Mario franchise.