Super Mario Run will be on sale for half-off this month


Nintendo’s Mario-based endless runner Super Mario Run has been enjoying a decent amount of success lately, months after it made its debut.

It’s seen plenty of post-launch content and support, including discounts and other goodies to entice people into buying it, given its status as a “buy once” game. With March 10, or “Mario Day’ coming up, it’s getting another deep discount. If you haven’t already taken the plunge to unlock the game in its entirety, you might consider doing so now. 

On March 10, Super Mario Run will be getting a hefty 50 percent off discount. This means you can purchase the entire game after the first world in full for half off the regular price, which makes it more than affordable at $5 from the usual $9.99.

You only need this one in-app purchase to make it your own. The discount will be available throughout March 25, which gives you two weeks to decide whether or not a mobile Mario game is right for you or not. 

Luckily, you can download the game and play the entirety of the first world for free if you’re not so sure you’re into Mario in the mobile world. It’s a challenging, entertaining buy that’s a fraction of the cost of any regular Mario title on another console, so it’s absolutely worth trying if you haven’t yet pulled the trigger.