Super Meat Boy Forever Delayed


Team Meat, the developers of Super Meat Boy, have announced there will be a delay for Super Meat Boy Forever.

The original Super Meat Boy was a critically acclaimed indie game. Taking control of a block of meat, the game is all about platforming. It is known for its grueling difficulty, and it is often seen as one of the pillars of independent video games.

The sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever, was initially announced as a mobile exclusive sequel in 2014. It would later evolve into a full-fledged sequel.

The game was slated to release in April of this year. However, that is no longer the case.

In a candid letter that Team Meat shared through social media, the developers announce they’ll be missing their April release date. Though they do express being upset in missing the release window, they want to keep development of the game at a healthy pace. They don’t want to force themselves to work to the breaking point.

The honesty of Team Meat, along with the fact that they refuse to overwork themselves to reach a deadline, is very admirable. The video game industry has been under heavy criticism for how companies force developers to work long hours in order to complete a project on time for a release date.

Team Meat’s letter is also coming off the heels of Kotaku’s reports of Anthem’s terrible working conditions. Team Meat may have also subtly mocked Anthem’s publishers, EA, in the letter. In the letter, they say they aren’t a studio owned by Evil Asshat corporation who force unreasonable hours. Evil Asshat having the same initials as EA.

While it is always unfortunate when a game misses their release window, the health of the developers should always be prioritized. When it seemed like long working hours have become the norm within the video game industry, Team Meat comes out to show that they are not one of those companies.

Super Meat Boy Forever new release date wasn’t given; instead, the letter said it would come out “After but not too far after April 2019”.