Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is expanding with Donkey Kong

It’s DK time!

via Nintendo

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Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is now planning to expand. A new area based on Donkey Kong is scheduled to be included in Super Nintendo World. Currently, Nintendo World only consists of a Mario-theme area, which is based on the Mushroom Kingdom from the games.

Based on the concept image shared by Nintendo, Donkey Kong land is very jungle-focus and seems to be based on the more recent Donkey Kong Country games. There are ancient tombs and temples, along with straw huts. The inclusion of a Donkey Kong area will increase the size of Nintendo World by 70%.

Nintendo announced Donkey Kong land on the official Japanese Nintendo website. The team that will help bring the Donkey Kong land to life will include a mix of Universal and Nintendo employees, with Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Donkey Kong, among them. Donkey Kong land will feature a new roller coaster and a new interactive experience. There will also be Donkey Kong-themed food and merchandise.

Currently, only Universal Studios Japan has a Super Nintendo Land open to the public. The theme park first opened on February 2021. Construction for a Super Nintendo Land in Universal Studios Hollywood is underway, with no exact opening date given to the public. Super Nintendo Land will also be a part of Universal’s Epic Universe, a new theme park that is part of the greater Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

The Donkey Kong expansion for Super Nintendo Land is planned to open in Universal Studios Japan sometime in 2024. No word on whether or not Donkey Kong will be coming to the other Universal Studios.