Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak Hints At Mallow And Doom Guy


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to get more characters as part of the second year of its season pass, and of course, there’s already a lot of hype around the names of those who could be the next fighters to jump onto the fight.

We’re getting a livestream in a few hours about Terry Bogard, one of the most popular characters in the King of Fighters and Fatal Fury franchises, who is likely going to be released right away or a little after that broadcast.

Bogard is set to be the penultimate fighter to come as part of the original season pass, with one more to be revealed, and then it’ll be time for the next. According to a new leak, we have a first idea about what’s going to happen in the future of the brawler.

Based on this leak, coming from YouTuber PapaGenos, Mallow from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and the Doom Guy from DOOM are reportedly on their way.

The Doom Guy has been rumored for ages so we wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen, while for what matters Mallow it is the first time we hear about him but, if a bit underwhelming for eager Smash fans, it’s a Nintendo property so it would not surprise us a lot.

We’ll see what happens to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the future, but don’t expect the new character to be announced at the incoming livestream: Nintendo has already confirmed it’s going to focus only on Terry Bogard, and nothing else.