Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Getting a Second Season


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans have even more to look to forward with the game as Nintendo confirms a second season for the competitive game.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, the developers behind the latest Entry announced their newest DLC character. Beyond that, they’re planning to release a brand new series of DLC characters in a second season for the hit game.

Originally, Nintendo developers planned to have a set amount of characters to come out. These characters included Joker, Banjo, and the newest character announced, Terry. Terry is set to release later this year in November.

Given the timeline of when the newest DLC character is set to release, we can expect the second season of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to come out in 2020. For now, we only know they’re going to work on the game and are planning to continue development.

Nintendo seems eager to update this game for the next year, and do not have any clear plans for a sequel or a follow-up title. For now, they’re content to include additional characters. Hopefully, we can expect to see more maps.

Support for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to continue into 2020, giving fans additional content throughout their journey in fighting with their friends.