Supergiant Games Announces Hades Price Increase During Epic Games Store Mega Sale


Supergiant Games has announced that the price of Hades will increase to $24.99 after the Epic Game Store Mega Sale, following some confusion in the early hours in the sale.

It started right when the sale kicked off. Hades was initially discounted to $6.99, a massive cut from its normal price of $19.99. Within a few, hours, though, the sale price had jumped to $14.99, and the non-discounted price to $24.99. Supergiant Games posted a notice on its Discord channel noting the price increase from $19.99 to $24.99, but not mentioning that the sale price had actually increased from earlier. The announcement gave the justification that, “All told, we think this new price point reflects the game’s current value in Early Access.”

Hades has received significant updates since its initial release into Early Access, the most recent of which, called the Beefy Update, coming out just last week. Still, players weren’t happy about the increase, especially given its timing. Not only did it result in only a $5 reduction from the game’s previous price, when all other games above $15 received at least a $10 discount in the sale, it came the same day as a tweet from the developer stating that they would give plenty of notice in the event of any price increase.

Later in the day, Supergiant Games responded in a blog post, saying that the price of Hades would increase to $24.99 only after the Epic Mega Sale’s conclusion and apologizing for what the post characterized as poor communication around the price increase.

“We had intended to raise the retail price of the game soon, but made the decision rashly as part of the sale — we didn’t provide advance notice to our customers, despite previously stating we would do so. That was our mistake, and we sincerely apologize.”

Until the end of the Epic Mega Sale, the game will be available for $9.99, or $10 off its original price, putting it back in line with the minimum discount of other similarly priced items.