Superhot Is Free on the Epic Games Store until Dec. 22

SUPERHOT screenshot

Over this festive season, Epic Games is giving away 12 days of free games on their store, making one game available each day. So far, Epic has given away the excellent strategy game Into the Breach from FTL: Faster Than Light developer Subset Games, and action arena favorite Towerfall Ascension.

Today, it’s Day Three, and it is about to get SUPERHOT. Usually, $24.99, the game is available to add to your library of games for free until 11am EST on Dec. 22.

A cult classic indie game from early 2016 presented initially as a Kickstarter project, SUPERHOT is an action game, simply stylized, where you go through several stages taking down groups of baddies. The game’s premise gets interesting is that time only moves when you do, including your enemy’s bullets. Stand still and watch everything slow to a crawl.

This mechanic adds an extra layer of strategy to an otherwise frantic shooter, allowing you to take a moment to plot a route to the next enemy, grabbing a weapon along the way, ranging from a katana to assault rifles.

The game isn’t overly long, but it’s genuinely exciting when confronted with a wall of enemies firing at you at different rates. It might take a few attempts, but it all adds to the experience.

A VR version of the game released later in 2016, adding to the thrill of watching bullets fly past your nose. However, this version does not come with the ability to play the game in VR, so you may need to look to the Steam version if you specifically want to play the game in VR.

To add this excellent little game to your collection, go to SUPERHOT’s store page on the Epic Games Store and pick it up.