Supply Drops, Survival PS4 Exclusive Reportedly Harm Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Pre-Orders


According to the most recent leak, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will allow players to buy supply drops. These supply drops include not only cosmetics but also weapons. This mechanic is a risk because it could give a proper advantage in the game.

Microtransactions have always been a controversial theme, and you can ask Electronic Arts about that. Still, things could change on the run since Activision and Infinity Ward has reportedly noted a massive decrease in pre-orders since the news of supply drops. The story started to spread, and the 1-year Survival PS4 exclusive has delivered.

“Activision and Infinity Ward apparently recent held a big meeting regarding my recent post about Supply Drops,” said in a tweet known leaker TheGamingRevolution.

“The gist of it is that they’ve lost a tonne of pre-orders with the recent news of Survival being delayed by a year on PC/XB and the microtransactions news & are thinking about giving the player the options to earn them again.”

As TheGamingRevolution notes, “nothing regarding microtransactions is set in stone, and like I’ve said countless times before, they are a constant work in progress, but my source wanted to let the community know that they care.”

There’s a chance this “source” is someone from Infinity Ward or Activision. So it might be true the developers behind the game are caring about people’s reactions. They’re doing all the tests and checks possible to make it the way people want it to be. Also, that’s why betas launched in the first place.

For what matters regarding Survival, it’s a business agreement between PlayStation and Activision. The developers can’t do anything about that.

You won’t see this agreement change. But we do understand your disappointment because we initially informed this year’s CoD would launch without any platform exclusive. This fact did not happen and has perhaps gotten even worse than previous releases.