The Surge 2 Releases a Cinematic Trailer


The Surge 2 gets a much-needed cinematic trailer to remind fans it’s releasing on Sept. 24, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The trailer provides a brief glimpse at the array of enemies players are going to encounter, like a massive space worm, angry robots, and modified humans.

For those who played the first Surge, The Surge 2 is going to work much the same way, where it’s a science-fiction based Dark Souls fighting game. Players are going to have the option to pick from a variety of combat forms to fit their style of play. Combat focuses around on how quickly players can dodge, manage their stamina, and out-maneuver their enemies. To upgrade and enhance armor and weapons in this game, players need to dismember their opponents, aiming for specific body parts to take off to loot off the fallen enemy at the end of combat.

There’s going to be a broader range of combat with players having to choose from five different weapon types. These weapon types are going to determine how a player handles conflict, leaning more towards dodging or parrying. Additionally, enemies are going to be far more difficult because they’re going to be coordinating together, attempting to fight the player as a unit.

Unlike the first game, players are going to have the option to customize their main character’s appearance rather than using a default protagonist. The Surge 2 takes place in a large city called Jericho, rather than an abandoned factory full of robots. While there are robots in the game, there’s going to more humans for players to encounter and interact with during their travels.

You can pre-order The Surge 2 right now from the company’s website, Steam, Gamestop, Microsoft Store, or the PlayStation store. The Surge 2 releases on Sept. 24.