Free Surge 2 DLC Let Players Cosplay as Sci-Fi Cops


A new piece of free DLC has dropped for The Surge 2, the Dark Souls-like science-fiction survival game from Deck13. With it, players can now dress up as members of the JCPD, the Jericho City police officers they’ve been fighting it out against while attempting to bring stability to the city.

The new DLC pack, called the JCPD Gear Pack, is available for download now from the game’s main page for free if you have the base game. Players are going to receive all of this:

  • The JCPD Team Zola Armor Set
  • The Drop Tech Scrap Regenerator implant
  • The Omni-Cell Battery Converter implant
  • The Physical Aggression Stabiliser implant
  • The Energised Material Converter implant

Players will not have access to the armor pieces immdiately after downloading the latest patch, however. Much like other armor parts in the game, players have to attack and chop off the limbs of their enemies to acquire these armor pieces. When they have enough pieces, they can craft them at a crafting station to add them to their armor.

By wearing the complete set, players receive a stamina bonus, a vital stat in The Surge 2, where piece of the meter counts, and making a false move could cost them a good chunk, if not all, of their health.

The JCPD Gear Pack is the second piece of free DLC The Surge 2 developers have released. The first was the Future Shock Weapon pack, which offered an array of new weapons for players to try out on their enemies. Players can expect more DLC of similar nature to drop for the game in the future, according to the season pass.

The Surge 2 is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through the Steam store.