Surgeon Simulator is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Bossa Studios’ Surgeon Simulator is coming to the Nintendo Switch in fall 2018.

After teasing the game earlier this month, the developer confirmed that the game will be released on the Nintendo console with co-operative play. Surgeon Simulator CPR—which stands for co-op ready play, naturally—is “the most immersive surgeon experience yet,” according to Bossa Studios. Juggling alien brain matter has never felt more real.

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Using Nintendo’s Joy-Con controller, players are able to use motion controls or a more traditional controller setup. HD Rumble will turn on when using Surgeon Simulators’ infamous buzzsaw.

The co-op mode will allow virtual surgeons to tag in another doctor at any time and “immediately launch local co-op play.” Players will have access to all of Surgeon Simulators’ original content, including the “teeth and eye transplants.” The Alien Autopsy mode is also making a comeback, allowing players to attempt to dupe Fox into broadcasting their let’s play.

Surgeon Simulator was originally released in April 2013—the original of which was created during a 48-hour game jam. The full version of Surgeon Simulator was released on Steam on April 2013 to an immensely positive reaction. The game came to iPad, Android and PlayStation 4 the following year.

A 2016 expansion ahead of the United States presidential election let Surgeon Simulator surgeons operate on Donald Trump. It doesn’t sound like this add-on will come with the Surgeon Simulator CPR edition, so you’ll just have to operate on any moldy tangerine you got laying around instead.