Grappling-hook your way through survival MMO Last Oasis, in early access March 26

In this post-cataclysmic world, only the fastest survive.

Last Oasis

Image via Donkey Crew

Last Oasis, the upcoming survival MMO from Polish developers Donkey Crew, will be arriving on Steam as an early access release on March 26. This means you don’t have to wait too much longer until you can head thousands of years into the future to see how well you would fair after a cataclysmic event causes the earth to stop spinning. This results in a massive desert on one side of the planet, a rolling tundra on the other, and a small strip down the middle where people can actually survive.

As you might expect, the limited real-estate has caused some friction, and a large part of the game seems to revolve around bonking each other on the head and taking people’s stuff. The last vestiges of humanity survive in a moving city called Flotilla, but not everyone in the world seems to be friendly.

Last Oasis will feature giant walkers made of wood, allowing for travel, the transport and harvest of goods, and even combat. The world is procedurally generated, and it will have a player-driven economy. Melee combat features heavily and, best of all, there will be grappling hooks. We are looking forward to scaling the walls of a moving fortress and giving some solid head bonks to whomever we find inside.

Donkey Crew is aiming for a system that rewards skill in both combat and movement, with the fastest-moving things in the game being players who can master the grappling hook. You can jump in with friends and aim to build a community, or go solo and become a fast-moving thief and a taker of lives. It’s all up to you.

What really sets Last Oasis apart is the need to constantly keep moving. Your Walker is mobile for a reason, and you will need to ensure you always have a new oasis to head toward as the desert slowly creeps up behind you and the permafrost melts away ahead of you.

Last Oasis will release on March 26 on Steam, and is available to add to your wishlists now.