Nintendo Switch With Better Battery Life Is Ready To Purchase


Gamers can now purchase the new Nintendo Switch model with longer battery life in certain retail stores. GameStop is offering an exclusive trade-in option for gamers to get the new Switch model at a discount.

The Switch was a huge success for Nintendo, with a plethora of gamers around the world praising the way the system allows you to take the homes console experience on the go. One thing that players did complain though was the battery life; depending on the game, you can get around 3 to 6 hours of battery life. Many fans found the battery life to be too short, especially compared to other handheld devices like phones or tablets.

Nintendo has now finally released a new model for the Nintendo Switch with battery life; it will have around 4.5 to 9 hours of playtime.

This new Switch model should be available to purchase in a few retail stores in selected regions. It will cost the same amount as a normal Switch, 300 dollars.

GameStop stores will give customers a special offer. If customers sell GameStop their old Switch console, the stores will provide costumers 225 dollars for it, which is higher than the previous 200 dollars that GameStop used to buy old Switch consoles. Customers can then purchase the new Switch model for only 75 dollars.

This GameStop trade-in offer will last until September 15, giving gamers a month to decide if they want to trade-in their current Switch to get the new model.