Nintendo Switch Lite Sells Over 100k In Japan; Nintendo Shares Drop

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite has sold approximately over 100k units in Japan. Nintendo shares drop as the Lite sales did not reach expectation.

The Switch Lite is the newest model for the Nintendo Switch console. The Switch is meant to be a console that a gamer can take on the go; the main console itself is just a screen connected to two controllers. You can connect a normal Switch with a base that is connected to the TV; that way you can play the Nintendo Switch on your TV.

The Lite functions the same way as a normal Switch, except it doesn’t come with a base, and it cannot connect to a TV. The Lite is also smaller than a normal Switch, and there aren’t any Joy-Cons. Because of the limited hardware and lack of Joy-Cons, certain Switch games cannot be played on the Lite.

The Lite was officially released on Friday, Sept. 20. Nintendo Life reports that the Lite has already sold 114,000 units in Japan. The original Switch also got a small boost with the Lite’s release, having sold roughly 10,000 more units the week the Lite release compared to the week before.

Nintendo Life also reports that Famitsu, a Japanese magazine, has conflicting data concerning Lite sales. According to a Famitsu survey, the Switch Lite sold 177,936 units.

Despite these sales, Nintendo shares dropped around 3.5% over the past few days. Seeking Alpha stated that Citi’s expectations for the Nintendo Switch Lite were closer to 300,000, which the console didn’t even come close to.

With that said, a lot of the data concerning the Lite is primarily focused on Japan. There isn’t much information concerning Lite’s sales in other countries, particularly the USA. Not only that, it isn’t the holiday season yet. Nintendo generally sells well in the holiday season, especially with Black Friday and Christmas.

While the Lite sales aren’t impressive at the moment, most of the new information stems only in Japan, and there’s still plenty of time for Nintendo to turn things around.