Tails of Iron Bloody Whiskers DLC adds new difficulty modes, bosses, weapon skins, and more

It’s a free DLC expansion, and available today.

Image via United Label Games

Tails of Iron is one of 2021’s hidden gaming gems, and it just got free DLC called Bloody Whiskers. The adventure RPG indie game features fast-paced and strategic souls-like combat, a unique world to explore, and tells a thrilling tale set in a medieval kingdom. You also play a rat, and the entire game is narrated by Geralt of Rivia voice actor Doug Cockle.

Bloody Whiskers continues the story of Tails of Iron and features a new tournament storyline. In the base game, the tournament grounds were a training area to see if Redgi had the necessary skills needed to be crowned king. The Bloody Whiskers tournament sees King Redgi face numerous dangerous foes in front of a cheering crowd. However, the DLC ramps up the action of Tails of Iron by enhancing the combat to make things just a bit more challenging.

The DLC extends the main story questline, includes five new boss fights, five outfits (includes the previously available Halloween outfit skins), five weapon skins (includes the previously available Halloween weapon skins), two new rooms to explore — including the King’s Chambers, and two added difficulty modes: Bloody Whiskers Hard Mode (not for the faint of whisker) and Fairy Tail – Easy mode (for players wanting to experience the story without peril).