Tales of Arise gets a new trailer and seven minutes of gameplay, releases September

Even more information can be gleaned from the new videos.

Tales of Arise

Image via Bandai Namco

Tales of Arise gets two new videos thanks to the Japanese publication Famitsu. The first is a brand new story and gameplay trailer, while the second video features over seven minutes of gameplay footage. Two new characters, Linwell and Lowe, have also been revealed.

In the first trailer, we see a bit more of the plot, which reinforces the message that the protagonist Alphen, being a Dahna slave, is the victim of injustice and must fight back with the help of Rena noblewoman Shionne. We also learn that they don’t fight alone as two new characters join the battle. Judging from the trailer Linwell is a magic user who weaves powerful spells on the battlefield, while Lowe fights with his fists and reigns down powerful blows.

The second video starts with Alphen and Shionne exploring a region called Calaglia, a vast desert-like area. The graphics are stunning, with the world vast and varied in its geography. Like previous entries in the Tales Of franchise, battles occur on a separate field from the overworld after making contact with an enemy. You control the protagonist, and your party members attack on their own. Combat looks to be fast-paced but still heavily reliant on placement and strategic use of attacks and skills, another franchise staple.

Soon after the pair meets Linwell, the video switches to a snowy region called Cyslodia. There are curious crystal-like growths the party encounters, and Shionne can use her powers to restore them to their human selves. Interacting with the field, such as by climbing and swimming, is also possible. We then see that team-up specials can be performed with two party members and that, depending on the combination, feature unique animations.

Tales of Arise will launch on September 9 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions confirmed as well. It will also release for PC via Steam on September 1.