Target Hints Spyro the Dragon HD Trilogy is Coming


Last month, Kotaku U.K. suggested that a Spyro the Dragon HD trilogy remaster is on the way. And after initial speculation, a new tweet from Target implies that a new Spyro game, called Spyro Treasure Trilogy, might be out later this year.

The news comes after someone asked Target on Twitter about when the “new Spyro” will be ready for pre-order. Target’s official customer service Twitter account, AskTarget, responded by confirming the game’s title.

“We’re ‘all fired up,’ for the Spyro Treasure Trilogy game as well!” AskTarget tweeted earlier today. “We don’t currently have any information about when this game will be available for pre-order. However, we’d encourage you to continue checking back for availability.”

An additional tweet from Twitter user Marc LeBeau appears to show the AskTarget account mentioning the “Spyro Remastered game” and saying the title will be “available later this year in September.” That tweet, which shows a DM screenshot, claims Target said LeBeau should “keep an eye out for more information.”

If the name Spyro Treasure Trilogy sounds familiar, that’s because Reddit user B4DASS previously claimed the Spyro the Dragon trilogy remaster would be announced under that same name on March 15 at 4pm ET. The reveal unfortunately never happened, however Target’s tweet suggests B4DASS may have relayed information that was reliable at the time. Either way, it seems fans will know more as 2018 inches closer to September.

H/T r/Games