Team Fortress 2 Modder Creates Steamed Hams Level


Ready for an unforgettable luncheon? One Team Fortress 2 player has created a level based entirely around The Simpsons’ Steamed Hams sketch.

In “PD_Steamed_Hams,” created by Steam user Whomobile, players run around collecting steamed hams in an attempt to destroy Principal Skinner’s house by having it catch fire. Players hold onto steamed hams until they die, after which they drop all of their delicious burgers. The winning team successfully destroys Skinner’s house by having it burn down in flames.

For the uninitiated, PD_Steamed_Hams is based on a sketch from a 1996 The Simpsons episode called “22 Short Films About Springfield.” In one segment, Principal Skinner hosts his boss Superintendent Chalmers for lunch, but after burning his roast, he decides to steal Krusty Burgers and pass them off as homemade “steamed hams” based on a classic “Skinner Burgers” recipe.

This culminates in Skinner burning down his own house after tricking the superintendent into thinking an Aurora Borealis is localized entirely within his kitchen.

Steamed Hams may be one of 2018’s most interesting memes, but Team Fortress 2 isn’t the only game filled with an incredibly clever fan community. Overwatch’s fans are well-known for spicing up the game with plenty of memes, including skin interpretations for some of the game’s most memorable characters.

H/T Team Fortress 2