Tears of the Kingdom Player Builds Ultimate “All-Terrain” Vehicle Using Ultrahand

This is outstanding.

Image via the Nintendo YouTube

Tears of the Kingdom players have been showcasing their brilliant creations merely hours after the game was released. When it comes to the things that can be made in the Breath of the Wild sequel, it seems the opportunities are endless. Players have been gravitating towards building cars though, trying to style them after brands we see around in the real world every day.

A player over the weekend created an All-Terrain Vehicle that can go over just about anything in the game. While some players are torturing Koroks and building extra long logs to get everywhere they need to go, other players are studying the materials in the game to create unthinkable possibilities. Tears of the Kingdom is a game that is truly what you make of it.

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Player Makes Outstanding Vehicle In Tears of the Kingdom

When watching this video posted on Reddit, we see a player who has created a build of an All-Terrain vehicle. The player quickly switches between menus to get this car built, while Link is in the passenger seat and is driving around Hyrule in style.

It is truly amazing seeing what everyone is doing with these building mechanics that Tears of the Kingdom has given us, watching everyone’s creative minds work together to build fantastic things. Vehicles like these make the game even better and truly show just how unique each player’s experience can be.

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Don’t feel bad if you haven’t created a build yet, you’d be surprised just how many people are still roaming around on The Great Sky Island in the beginning. Tears of the Kingdom is considerably harder than Breath of the Wild, but as players can see, there’s so much to look forward to.