Tears of the Kingdom Players Bond Over Shared Hatred For Yunobo

Players are infuriated by Yunobo in Tears of the Kingdom, and in a recent Reddit post, many have expressed their experiences.

Yunobo fist bumping Link in Tears of the Kingdom

Screenshot By Gamepur

Players have taken to the Tears of the Kingdom Subreddit to vent their frustrations and share war stories about the Sage of Fire, Yunobo. Far from one player having a gripe with a character, it seems as though the entire community takes issue with this helpful NPC’s behavior.

Most video games have at least one annoying character that gets in the way or ignores player instructions, and Yunobo is that character in Tears of the Kingdom. After a single post mentioned the handful of issues one player has with the character, hundreds more piled in to explain what Yunobo has or hasn’t done for them.

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Players Agree Yunobo is the Most Annoying Sage in Tears of the Kingdom

Bjm900 recently posted on the Tears of the Kingdom Subreddit about how much Yunobo annoys them because the Sage of Fire is constantly standing in their way. Sages add abilities to Link’s arsenal in the game, though they can only be activated while the Sage is running around in Hyrule. The user adds, “know I can remove his avatar – just posting b/c I’m curious how many of you have had the same annoyance. Besides that, I’m loving the game wholeheartedly.” The response has seen hundreds of fans come out with their own tales of woe.

The responses to this post are hilarious and boil down to two main issues with Yunobo. First, as one user puts it, “When you need to activate his power to blow the armor off a Lynel or Hinox ankles, he’ll be on the other side of the map.” Yunobo is never around when you need him, often aimlessly walking miles away from Link. In the middle of a fight against a tough enemy, this face-planting realization is enough to make someone want to put the game down.

The second major issue with Yunobo can be summed up in this comment, “I went to pick up a bomb flower. When I pressed A, he went careening into it and blew my ass up.” The Sage has a huge hitbox and spawns somewhere in a wide area. His main use is to destroy things, whether to give Link an advantage in battle or open up new areas, but sometimes he gets carried away. This is a battle that players have been fighting with NPCs since the dawn of video games, akin to partner characters walking out to get mowed down by armed guards in stealth scenes.

Some players even shared how they cope with Yunobo’s nonsense. The best example we’ve found is this, “I just usually send him flying off a cliff. I know it doesn’t do any good, but it does make me feel so much better.” No harm can be done to Yunobo, but finding creative ways to keep him out of the way does sound like it makes up for some of the frustration he causes.