Tears of the Kingdom Players Wants DLC To Explore Post-Game Hyrule

While ToTK delivers on all fronts, it misses yet another chance to provide endgame content. Is Nintendo saving it for a future DLC?

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Hyrule, the beloved landscape of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, has been a land plagued by doom and destruction. After the epic battles and heroic triumphs, players have conquered all evil and saved the same Hyrule twice, only to receive no endgame content. The story abruptly ends, leaving players hungry for a glimpse into a peaceful Hyrule future. 

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Tears of the Kingdom fans have unveiled an exciting proposition for Tears of the Kingdom’s next DLC. A Reddit user has presented a brilliant suggestion through an adorable puppy-themed PowerPoint. Their idea revolves around creating a doom-free Hyrule, where players can immerse themselves in a post-game paradise. The concept quickly gained traction, and fans began chiming in with fantastic ideas.

TotK Fans Urge Developers for DLC Featuring Post-Game Hyrule

Imagine being equipped with a powerful tool to dispel the gloom and bring light to every corner of Hyrule. This fantastic concept would transform Tears of the Kingdom into a platformer adventure, where players can navigate the transformed Kingdom as Link, their heroic protagonist. Perhaps this DLC will unveil a side of Link we’ve never seen before.

The community’s creativity continued to flow as they shared other exciting ideas to enrich the post-game experience. One prominent suggestion involves delving into the depths of Hyrule’s mysterious locations, unearthing hidden lore, and unlocking additional dungeons. A wealth of untapped potential is waiting to be discovered, and players are eager to explore every nook and cranny.

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Tears of the Kingdom players have expressed a collective desire for a DLC that allows them to venture beyond the main story and experience a peaceful Hyrule, including innovative features, like the ability to cleanse darkness and delve into Hyrule’s depths, that add excitement and depth to the game.

Whether or not these ideas become a reality, one thing is for sure: Tears of the Kingdom players are ready for a post-game adventure that will keep them entertained for hours on end. Will Nintendo heed their call?