Tears of the Kingdom’s King Sidon Has A Lot Of Growing To Do, According To Fans

The kingdom will be needing a big boy, anyway.

Image via Nintendo

In Breath of the Wild, Prince Sidon captured the hearts of players as the beloved Zora character. Known for his charm, courage, and, let’s not forget, his jazzy style, Sidon left all fans either thirsting or at least rooting for him. In Tears of The Kingdom, Sidon takes on a new role that leaves fans with a peculiar quandary. 

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The latest franchise installment sees Sidon ascending to the throne after successfully conquering the formidable Water Temple alongside the protagonist, Link. This surprising development has sparked a frenzy among fans eager to delve into the mysteries of Zora physiology. 

Will ToK’s King Sidon Have A Royal Growth Spurt?

A popular thread resounded with perplexed fans questioning the notorious size of Zora kings throughout the series. From King Zora himself to previous monarchs, these regal figures resemble rotund beings inexplicably relishing their royal status. Is Sidon destined to follow the same doughy path? Will he transform from a svelte Zora into a hulking mound, or will he retain his slim form forever?

The unanswered queries about the game’s lore are truly mind-boggling. Players yearn for insights into the transformation process, fervently discussing how Sidon might navigate his path toward Zora king proportions. Will this metamorphosis gradually progress, or will our beloved prince audaciously poof into a mega-Zora overnight? The lack of definitive answers leaves fans in hilarious disarray, speculating about Sidon’s potential destiny. 

While it seems we’re adrift in an ocean of unresolved curiosities, the whimsical nature of these unanswered questions adds to the charm of Breath of the Wild’s lore. 

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Even amidst the trials and tribulations in the game, the mystery of Sidon’s potential transformation only amplifies the anticipation for upcoming adventures. Whatever lies ahead for our newfound king, we can’t help but eagerly await the day when his path diverges from being a seemingly average-sized Zora to becoming an… enormously spherical Zoran monarch.