Tears of the Kingdom’s Scariest Monster Learns To Swim Leaving Players Horrified

Fans are terrified by a discovery one player has shared, allowing the creepy hands in Tears of the Kingdom to pursue Link through water.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a vast game full of discoveries that players are still making today. Recently, one player posted something terrifying on the game’s Subreddit that demonstrates an ability one particular enemy has that mirrors some of Link’s.

Gloom Hands is one of the most terrifying enemies in Tears of the Kingdom. These enemies roam certain parts of Hyrule in packs and hide a dark secret. While most players have been hopping into water to escape them in a pinch, one player has found that water won’t always deter this foe.

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Players Discover That Gloom Hands Can Swim in Tears of the Kingdom

All Tears of the Kingdom players are scared of Gloom Hands. They occupy certain parts of the map in Hyrule and will burst out and pursue Link if they get too close or make too much noise. Without enough Bomb Flowers to fuse to Arrows or a decent Sage ability, Link is doomed when these enemies sneak up on them. That is unless players can get to the water, where the Glooim Hands usually watch helplessly from the shore. Now though, one player has made a spooky discovery that allows Gloom Hands to swim. Sort of.

The above video shows how Gloom Hands can use a vehicle Link has built to swim after them. In the video, the Gloom Hands rush down to the shore and hop onto the boat there. The vehicle falls apart, but the Gloom Hands manage to get into a plank of wood and follow Link as it floats toward them.

No one in the comments could believe what they were seeing in this video, “They swim now? They swim now!!” We’ve never encountered a situation where Gloom Hands have been able to swim, but we will always move our boats away from the shore if we suspect they’re lurking nearby.

This discovery demonstrates how Tears of the Kingdom’s systems make for a surprising world that players never truly grasp the rules of. Moments such as this, when two or three systems come together to create a unique experience, make it feel even bigger and, in this case, scarier to be a part of. We’re unsure if players will really uncover everything Hyrule has to show them, no matter how long they keep playing.