New Tekken 7 Trailers Feature the Return of Ganryu and the Debuting Fahkumram


Bandai Namco provided further details on the latest Season Pass for Tekken 7, and there’s fresh blood coming to players.

First up, the publisher revealed a new trailer for Leroy Smith; a dynamic martial artist revealed earlier this year. He’s a swift fighter that delivers with several devastating combos.

Fans will also be pleased with the return of Ganryu. Packing style within his rather large frame, he’s sure to be a favorite amongst the Tekken elite. Check out his debut in the game below.

Both of these characters will be available for play in Tekken 7 starting on Dec. 10, along with a new Frame Data Display feature. While on the technical side, it will enable pro players to learn more data about their characters. You can get a glimpse of this new mode in the tweet below.

Following this week’s update, there’s still one more piece of the Season Pass to come this spring. Fans will get an all-new stage, as well as the debut of an additional character — the devastating Muay Thai champion Fahkumram. No, he’s massive. Check out the trailer below.

All of this content is available via the latest Tekken 7 Season Pass. It can also be purchased separately, though prices weren’t available at the time of the report.

While some Tekken fans may be disappointed that Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid didn’t pan out (as previously teased), these fighters should keep you more than busy over the next few months.

Tekken 7 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.