Dontnod Introduces Tell Me Why, a New Game Featuring a Transgender Lead


Dontnod Entertainment, the developers behind Life is Strange and Vampyr, has a new storytelling experience in the works for Xbox One, announced during today’s X019.

A trailer premiered for it’s new project Tell Me Why, a new cinematic adventure coming to the console this summer. With it, it’ll introduce a pair of unlikely heroes, including the first transgender character to take the lead in a major video game’s story.

The game revolves around Tyler and Alyson Ronan, a pair of twins who share memories as they come across things that happen in their lives. The story hasn’t been revealed yet, but it changes depending on what the characters remember. There’s already trouble in store for the twins. We see in the trailer their mother brandishing a firearm for an unknown reason.

Like Life Is Strange and its sequel, Tell Me Why is an episodic series. It’ll spread across three chapters (that we know of thus far), with the first set to make its debut sometime next summer.

This looks to be a great new adventure from the developer, which has become privy in creating memorable stories with its last few releases. We’ll likely see more of it in action in the months ahead, with new trailers explaining how the twins may have gotten this way.