Temtem nears 30k concurrent players in first hours of early access launch

The game is proving incredibly popular already, despite launch day issues.


The Steam concurrent user tracking website is showing that the release of Temtem is proving to be incredibly popular, as the early access game hit close to 28,000 users within the first hour of release and is closing in on 30,000, leading it straight to the top of Steam’s Top Seller list.

The game has been hit with numerous in its first few hours, including a number of players getting stuck in the login queue unexpected errors that force the game to close, and random freezes when entering battle. However, that has not stopped a huge amount of players trying to access the game and play.

With the current number of users, the game is already in the top 20 most played games on Steam today, beating some long-time popular games that have held their position in the chart for many years, including Civilization V, Dead by Daylight, and a number of popular free-to-play titles. This is especially impressive considering that game is a $35 title, and an indie, early-access game.

The game rose to prominence following a successful Kickstarter campaign, where developer Crema raised over $500,000. A monster battler in the vein of Pokémon, Temtem’s early access copy is said to have around 20 hours of content. The full release is currently estimated to be around Q2 or Q3 of 2021.