Terminator Returns To Video Games With Resistance, Coming This November


The Terminator always did say he’ll be back, and now he is – in video games, that is.

To accompany the upcoming movie release Terminator: Dark Fate, Reef Entertainment has announced a new game is releasing around the same time. It’s called Terminator: Resistance, a frantic first-person shooter, putting players against the best Skynet has to offer. Players are going to need whatever weapons they find to take down the mechanical monster.

The debut trailer for Resistance is below, giving fans an idea of what to expect. It introduces a new character named Jacob Rivers, and he’s set to get terminated. However, members of the human resistance see some significance in keeping him alive, putting him into several dangerous scenarios.

Bits and pieces of gameplay are in the trailer, along with a story that introduces some interesting characters. Eventually, Jacob finds himself heading towards the Skynet defense grid, in the hopes of shutting down the threat.

Terminator: Resistance is a single-player first-person shooter developed by Teyon,” Reef noted in a press release. “It features an original story based on the film rights for legendary motion-pictures The Terminator and T2: Judgment Day. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, nearly 30 years after Judgment Day, and expands upon the Future War glimpsed at in the iconic films from James Cameron.”

The game releases on Nov. 15 in Europe and Australia, and Dec. 3 for the U.S. It’s set for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The real question is if the game measures up to previous Terminator releases. After all, it’s pretty hard to beat Midway’s classic arcade game.