Terminator: Resistance New Footage Shows Off Stealth Elements


During a PlayStation Access live stream at EGX, the presenters gave their audience members a better look at the upcoming Terminator: Resistance game that’s coming out next month. Did you forget about that announcement? It was sudden and out of nowhere. However, it’s still happening. It’s going to release on Nov. 15, and Teyon is developing it.

You can check out the footage at the bottom of this article. There are a solid 30 minutes of footage, so take your time and enjoy it. During the first portion of the video, we see the main character use a lockpick to open up an ambulance. Inside, they gather up a series of drugs. The representative at the live stream pointed out that this was a side mission for one of the characters back at the player’s home base. They had requested these drugs.

Had the player missed them, there would have been consequences for missing this side mission, so players are going to need to complete them, rather than focusing on the main mission. Depending on how this affects the overall story, this game option could go either way. The player did level up during this portion and gained a few skill points, which gives us a small idea of available skill points to customize a player’s gameplay experience based on how they like to play.

We also got a glimpse at the sneaking mechanics in the game. The presenter turned on the game’s ultravision, they called it, which allows the player to see nearby enemies. A player can scan them the enemy outlines to see how much health they have and if they have armor or not. Players can outright attack these enemy turrets, or they can choose to sneak by them. A player does not get immediately spotted. Instead, there’s a vision meter at the top that makes the enemies go on alert if it gets full. By hiding, a player can quickly remove it and try again.

When the live stream gets past the turrets they enter a hospital area where there at T-800s roaming the halls. Again, players can choose to sneak past them or fight them out. It looks like it might be a better option to sneak past them, so we can expect there to be sneaking skills or abilities players will want to put points into to make it easier to slip past enemies.

You can expect to learn more about the game for the next few weeks before Terminator: Resistance releases for the Xbox One and the PC on Nov. 15.

h/t: PCGamer