Terraria has now sold over 35 million copies

Terreria continues to rise as one of the best-selling games of all time.

Image via Re-Logic

Terraria has now reached an astonishing achievement — the sandbox game has now crossed over 35 million copies across all platforms. The news was relayed in the official forums for the game. The development team stated that they remain humbled and that they are still hard at work on creating more updates in 2021. However, 35 million copies sold is not something that happens too often.

The team went a little further into the figures and shared numbers across all platforms the game is available on. Terraria has sold 17.2 million copies on PC, 8.5 million copies on console, and 9.3 million copies on mobile devices. The sales figures weren’t the only thing the team could celebrate either — Terraria has also passed Portal 2 for the best-rated games on Steam.

This milestone of 35 million sales put the game up there with some of the best-selling games ever made. It does help that Terraria is available on most devices with a screen. However, it is still something to be proud of. It has now outsold some titles you would think it could never overtake, such as Wii Sports Resort and New Super Mario Bros. It just needs to multiply its sales by six so that it finally reaches the sales of Minecraft. But that is probably a longshot, though.