Tetris 99 Weekend Event Features Luigi’s Mansion 3 In-game Theme, Starts Oct 25


Tetris 99 is a fun time if you’re looking for a basic battle royale and a location to test your Tetris skills. It’s also a fun way for Nintendo to get into the holiday spirit of Halloween. The development team is going to have a brand new theme for players to win over the weekend with Luigi’s Mansion 3 event starting this weekend. The fun begins on Oct. 25 and goes until the 28.

At this time, we don’t have an image of the theme, but it’s likely going to modify the entire screen to look like the horror-filled mansion of the game. This event is the eighth Maximus cup Tetris 99 has had, which features a new theme and a new round of competitive Tetris action for players who are eager to test their skills against others online.

To take part in the event, players need to win over 100 event points throughout the weekend. How do you earn those event points? All players need to do is play an online game during the event, and they’re going to rack up points based on their performance of their matches. The better they do, the more points they’re going to earn to make it easier to get Luigi’s Mansion 3 theme.

For those eager to take part in the event, you do need to have access to Nintendo’s online subscription service. If you don’t, you won’t be able to jump into the game.

Make sure you log into the game over the weekend to take part in the event. It likely won’t take players too many games to get their hands on this theme, but it’s going to be plenty of fun for any Nintendo fan excited about the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3, which is going to come out for the Nintendo Switch at the end of Oct. 31.