Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island has an airport, and it’s full of multiplayer features

Invite friends to your island or go visit theirs.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Those interested in keeping up with their local community and other players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will need to become familiar with the airport. During Nintendo’s Animal Crossing direct, we received a sneak peek at what to expect from the airport in the game when it arrives March 20.

The airport remains open year-round, and it’s the first location you visit when you arrive at your island. You should receive a tour to learn about the game after you disembark from the plane. After that, you can visit the facility at any time to make use of its services, speak to the pilot, or turn in a mystery tour ticket. The mystery tours are another feature coming to the game where you visit faraway islands to acquire new crafting supplies, inspecting exotic locations away from your home.

While at the airport, you can make use of the facility’s wireless and local network, where you can play New Horizons with your friends. You can join up in a local game using your joy-cons, or sync up with another friend online to visit their island or invite them to check out what you’ve done with yours. The airport will have several features, primarily serving as a hub to invite other players to your island and to visit their islands when they invite you. 

You do need to purchase Nintendo’s internet subscription plan if you want to use the online features, though the local co-op features are available to everyone with multiple joy-cons. You can have up to eight different players on a single island. Additionally, you can send your friends postcards you customize with unique backgrounds, messages, and gifts from projects you’ve crafted on your island.

For now, we have had a glance at what to expect from the airport. We can expect to see more features coming to the airport when Animal Cross: New Horizons releases March 20 for the Nintendo Switch.