The Aquarium Tycoon Game Megaquarium Has a Release Date


If it’s always been your dream to manage an aquarium, then Twice Circled has you covered with Megaquarium. The tycoon-like simulation that places you in charge of an aquarium now has an official release date for Steam on PC, Mac, and Linux: September 13th.

Megaquarium Announce Trailer

In Megaquarium you take charge of an aquarium and managing all of its areas of responsibility. You’ll be managing exhibits, staffing, layout and design of your facility, all while trying to make a profit. Of course, the stars of your show are the fish in the exhibits themselves.

Megaquarium’s wide array of aquatic life will keep the player thinking on their fin. With fish, sharks, crustaceans, corals, jellyfish, cephalopods and more, their diverse care requirements will demand attention to detail and strategic thinking. As players advance they’ll unlock new livestock, equipment, guest facilities and more. This all funnels back into the success of their aquarium as layout choice and staff management, create a make-or-break tycoon experience that tests the player to the limit of their creativity and economic ability.

Megaquarium Key Features

  • Run an aquarium business from the ground up. With staff costs, fish food and more to pay for, players will need to keep a constant eye on their bottom-line. Players can also micro-manage to finite details, or focus more on the larger scale aspects.
  • Players can choose from nearly 100 aquatic life to exhibit in their aquarium.
  • Design an aquarium where the strategic layout is key to garner visitor attention and profit.
  • Hire and manage your aquarium staff. Based on your management style, and choices for positions, your aquarium could run magnificently or you could crack under pressure.

Megaquarium will be released on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux on September 13th.